General Sinus Infection

Sinuses are cavities inside a person’s skull that are positioned around the eyes and nose, particularly within the front of the face. They are lined with cilia, hair-like cells that are very fine. They are thin because they help drain mucus through the sinuses’ passages and out into the nose.

These cavities help make the skull lighter. They also moisten the nasal passages by producing mucus. The mucus acts as a viscous protective layer to aid in keeping out foreign contaminants and particles like pollutants, dirt, and contagious organisms.

Chronic Sinusitis Overview

  • Inflammation that lasts for 12 weeks or longer
  • Not always treatable by antibiotics
  • Expensive; It costs the United States 8.6 billion per year
  • Unproductive; It generates 73 million days of restricted activity or lost work
  • Treatable; There are new sinusitis treatment options and advances

Sinus surgery is an operation whose purpose is to clear the pathways of the sinuses and unclog blockages. This kind of surgery can be performed with little discomfort. It is a brief process that only has few complications.

For incessant and recurrent sinus infections this is the best option for most patients. Most patients with abnormal sinus structure or abnormal growths in the sinus often resort to this operation. A doctor will usually try other treatments and procedures first before resorting to surgery. If these doesn’t produce results, surgery will be the last resort.

Always closely follow your doctor’s guidelines for aftercare and take all medications as prescribed to avoid side-effects. Patients may have to make changes in their lifestyle for the first 2 weeks after surgery.

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