Telehealth FAQ

Doctor Kelley is now offering Telehealth services to help you get the healthcare you need. Telehealth is a relatively new concept for many but continue reading on to find out what telehealth is and how to schedule your first appointment.

What is Telehealth?

Telehealth is the practice of accessing your healthcare remotely.

Telehealth’s true goal is to improve access to healthcare while lowering costs for everybody.

What Happens During a Telehealth Appointment?

You begin your telehealth appointment by sharing your medical history. Your medical history is very important and will let doctor Kelley assess your current condition. You must share as much information as possible about your previous medical conditions to help doctor Kelley prescribe the most effective treatment.

The next step of the telehealth process is the examination. You must explain what currently ails you to doctor Kelley to help him assess your condition. Be as descriptive as possible while describing your condition to help doctor Kelley accurately diagnose
your health.

The final step of the medical examination is the visual medical exam. Doctor Kelley will examine you using your computer, tablet, or phone’s camera.
Doctor Kelley will be able to diagnose you based on the data gathered. He will instruct you on the next steps of your treatment. Electronic prescriptions are also available to make it easier for you to get your prescriptions.

How Do I Schedule a Telehealth Appointment?

You can schedule your telehealth appointment by calling (925) 254-6710 or send an email through the practice’s contact page. Someone will be in touch with you within 24 hours to help you schedule a time slot that works for you.

How Do I Pay for Telehealth Appointments?

Most insurance plans or cash payments are accepted to pay for your telehealth appointments. You can also call or email to confirm whether your preferred payment method is accepted.

Can I Get My Prescription Electronically?

Yes, you can ask for electronic prescriptions for your treatments. Doctor Kelley can also call in your prescription for an easy pickup. Controlled prescriptions, however, require a paper prescription that you can pick up at the office.

How Do I Begin My Telehealth Appointment?

You must choose a platform for your telehealth appointment. Facetime, Zoom, Google Hangouts, Microsoft Teams, Vsee, Doximity, and are all accepted for telehealth appointments. You will then receive either a link or call, depending on your chosen platform.

In the end, telehealth’s purpose is to give you easier access to healthcare. You can see your doctor using communication technology and get treatment quickly in the comfort of your own home. Each practice handles telehealth appointments differently. They may use different apps, have different payment, and prescription policies. You must clarify everything with your provider for an easy telehealth process.

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